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Mailfloss Email Validation for Zoho CRM

Mailfloss email verification for Zoho CRM

To improve email deliverability, we provide an extension for Zoho CRM that validates email IDs.

Install on Zoho CRM

Easy Validation

With the Mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM extension, you can easily validate recipient email addresses and receive a notification about the results inside Zoho CRM.

Auto Email Validation

In Mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM
 extension, while verifying the emails, will done automatically without pressing any 
buttons in the modules.

​Validate Manually & Automatically 

Using the mailfloss email validation for Zoho 

CRM, extension, Choose whether your validation 

will be automatically processed, or you can

 do this manually with a button.

Fake emails

With the mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM extension, you can Finding the duplicate emails is simple.

Validate Single & Batch Emails

Using mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM extension, Check email validation for individual

 IDs and batches.

Get Signal

In mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM
 extension, CRM sends a signal after 
validation of email.


1. You must be the Zoho CRM's super admin.

2. Zoho CRM Enterprise edition or higher is required.

3. You must either already have a Mailfloss account or create one. 

Storing API Calls for Email Validation in Zoho CRM

To store API calls for individual emails and batches in the "Mailfloss Log" custom module, you will need to use the Mailfloss email validation extension in Zoho CRM. The extension will automatically process the validations and store the API calls in the custom module for you to review and use for future email deliverability efforts.

Mailfloss Email verification for Zoho CRM

Record view of manual validation in Mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM

Mailfloss Email Veriifcation for Zoho CRM

Bulk validation in Mailfloss email validation for Zoho CRM


How do i install Mailfloss in Zoho CRM?

Go to the Zoho CRM marketplace and look for " Mailfloss Email Validation for Zoho CRM." You can either install it for free for a 10-day trial period or purchase it right away.

If you install the free version?

You have the option to upgrade to the monthly or annual plan once the free version's 10-day trial is completed.


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